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Our History

On Jackson is where history meets the 21st century.

Built in the 1930s, the rectangular structure at 245 E Jackson St first served as a fruit and vegetable warehouse. 

In 2014, almost a century later, we became the proud owners of the downtown landmark. And, with the guidance of LGE Design Build, we began reimagining the space. 

One of the main goals of the renovation was to celebrate local history, not erase it. So we didn’t just tear the building down and start over. 

We rebuilt it. Different.

Though much of the building’s outdoor area was enclosed to create a 5,000-square-foot increase in habitable space, the original structure remains clearly distinguishable.

Today, elements like reclaimed clay bricks and Porter barn wood honor the building’s humble beginnings — while state-of-the-art technology and modern design have elevated the space to a world-class venue.

thinking outside the (hotel) box

At On Jackson, we know you’re on a mission to deliver category-of-one events — every time. But it’s a tough world out there. Exceeding your guests’ expectations and standing out requires more than grit, logistical prowess and creativity. It requires a venue space open to your vision and equipped to make it reality.

Sadly, typical venues continue to hem planners in — “offering” the same old packages in the same old ways — leaving you stuck producing cookie-cutter events. Like anything generic, it’s boring and anything but memorable.

As venue professionals and former planners, we get it.

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the underwhelm of too much of the same. Restrictions, disjointed communication, and shared spaces are a recipe for frustration and potential embarrassment.

We also know the angst of not having home-field advantage. It’s unnerving to not know where everything is. It’s worse to have to chase down event staff for help.

That’s why we combined our experience and expertise to help you produce events as unique as you are.

This is venue space in a whole new way.

At On Jackson, you aren’t limited by stuffy corporate policies and you’ll never share space. Instead, we invite you to think outside the (hotel) box and make every inch your own.

The only limits are your imagination.

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